SYF Price Oracle
SYF Price and FTM/USD Price Feed
SYF Price Oracle Contract: 0x8fBE84d284D1614eaDc50EE69120Ec4f7f98cEd8
The Syfin (SYF) Price Oracle Contract uses the Chainlink FTM/USD aggregator on Fantom and provides two publicly available and useable functions. The contract is verified on FTMscan for easy understanding. We use this Price Oracle Contract for displaying price information on
Returns FTM Price in USD formatted for / 1e8
getLatestTokenPrice(pairaddress, amount).call()
Returns token 0 current amount vs token 1 from the Liquidity Pool address and amount of coin, recommended 1. Any LP pair address that is based off Uniswap V2 can be queried from this function.
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