SYF LP Staking
You can now stake your SYF for a limited time 8/27/2021 through 10/27/2021 to gain a share of the now 5 BILLION Syfin up for grabs.
Syfin NFT Marketplace
Syfin NFT Marketplace
SYF/FTM LP Staking Pool Contract: 0x94489dD0D3a57A142b0a4Fac7984cE587F7ebB66
Stake your SYF/FTM LP Tokens to earn SYF rewards from supporting our liquidity pool on Spookyswap.
≈83.3m SYF per day split amongst all stakers (Fixed Total Rate of 5,000,000,000 SYF - 5% of Supply) 60 Days Limited, 8/27/2021-10/27/2021

Get liquid

Once you’ve added both SYF and FTM to our liquidity pool on you can then deposit them to to earn additional SYF!

Deposit LP

Click Approve from the link above, then enter in an amount of SYF/FTM LP Tokens to deposit and click "DEPOSIT". The LP Tokens can be obtained from putting in SYF and FTM liquidity on our Spookyswap LP.


Earn SYF from the fixed rate liquidity token staking pool contract. As long as the pool period is open you will earn rewards!
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